Online Giving

There are several ways to donate to Reflection MCC. Please determine which option best suits your needs. We appreciate your faithful generosity.
Give Now
To make sure 100% of your donation goes to the church you can donate through your bank using Zelle (for banks) or PopMoney (for credit unions).

Bank2Bank Transfer Using Zelle or PopMOney:

1. Go to your own personal banking page or app and navigate to “Pay Bills” or “Pay/Transfer”
2. Select “Add Recipient”
3. Add Reflection MCC – email address:
4. Enter amount – some banks will even allow you to set up recurring payment.
If, using Zelle, and your bank or credit union does not yet use Zelle, you can download the Zelle app.
You can donate using your credit card or debit card through PayPal. Reflection MCC pays a fee for each PayPal transaction. This includes a percentage of your gift and a small transaction fee.


You can also send your offerings to the church.

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