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Naming God - Knowing God

El Roi ~ Yaweh Shammah

In this second week of our series, Naming God Knowing God, we look through the eyes of Israel in Diaspora and Hagar in the desert at God who sees me, El Roi; and The Lord is there, Jehovah Shammah.

Naming God - Knowing God

Elohim ~ El Shaddai

Pastor Sharon begins a new series, Naming God - Knowing God with the names of God a mighty creator (Elohim) and God of the Mountains and the Valleys (El Shaddai).

The Core of the Matter Spiritual Transformation

Our final core value, Spiritual Transformation, is about being willing to be transformed and about making space of the transformation of others. 

The Core of the Matter


It is time for us to do something! Reflection MCC is a church that believes in the justice mission of Jesus. That mission did not end with his life, but he taught us how to live out justice. Pastor Sharon reminds us that it is our value to recognize the need for God's justice and be the hands and feet that chooses to address the need.

The Core of the Matter Inclusion

Reflection MCC seeks to be an inclusive community that invites and welcomes each person just as they are. In this sermon, Pastor Sharon lifts up the value of inclusion and challenges each person to seek radical inclusion in the church and in their lives.

The CORE of the Matter


Pastor Sharon shares the importance of our Core Value, community - and what it is to live into a healthy community.