Week Schedule

Day Time Point Person Task
Monday 10am-4pm Sharon

Demo; Cleaning; Floor removal; Primer; Paint/Construct Sign;

Audio/Video station design

Tuesday 9a-2p Liz

Sanding/Buffing Floors; Scrubbing and Priming Walls; Sheetrock

hanging; Cleaning Windows

Wednesday TBA Deb J. Dump Run
Thursday 4pm - 7pm Sharon Prep for Sanctuary for Sunday Service; Painting

Day 7

Garret and Brayden got to put some holes in the wall today. We are back to work tomorrow. The rest of the day we will honor the Sabbath! :-)

Day 6

No work today - but the praise team met for rehearsal. We did notice some nails stubbornly protruding from the floor. So, before we got singing we got nail pulling. ...one step closer.

Day 5

We did not do as much construction today - but we did have our first OFFICIAL meeting in the church. The Worship Design Team met to plan our the Easter Season and Pride month in our new church! Carl came by for a tour, but couldn't resist getting his hands dirty with the floor.

Demo Day 4

Thanks to Debbie H., Liz, Karen, Ladon, Scott, and Paul - the linoleum in the fellowship room has been conquered. We are making plans to remove the carpet glue next (but don't worry - we'll do that with heavy equipment!).  The kitchen is starting to look amazing and amazingly organized - thanks to the cleaning crew today.  And word has it that the construction crew will be done in the sanctuary by the week's end.

Demo Day 3

Debbie H. Was the rock star today! With a hip that is less than 6 months old, she picked one of the most difficult jobs to dive into - and made a huge difference chipping away at the carpet glue covered linoleum.  Thanks, Deb, for you very hard work.  The low hanging beam is also gone in the sanctuary - so... it's happening!!!

Demo Day 2

The sanctuary is now opened up. Scott, Paul, Liz, Debbie H. and Pastor Sharon spent some more time today tearing out some small counters and peeling the linoleum off the floor.  And... by the way... Scott is the official "Demo guy!"  He's unstoppable with the reciprocating saw and the sledge hammer!  One last thing... thank you Liz for screwing shut the peek-a-boo window in the bathroom.

Demo Day 1

One "small" announcement... "We have a building," and you all went crazy on zero moments notice. In a period of several hours... cabinets - Gone; carpet - Gone; tack board - Gone; sign - Gone; storage - empty... you are amazing!!!!   Thank you all who showed up to see, work, tear up, and take down! You rock!!!